Sunday, April 20, 2008

You don't need a memorable performance...

in order to have a memorable moment.

Having watched the re-air* of the race on ESPN2, it was a fairly typical race for Danica. At best, she had a 5th place car. She badly botched the last restart (around lap 150 of a very clean event), though she did well on the previous restart. And she remains too timid in traffic. As she admitted, luck (for the most part) got her the win. Furthermore, due to the odd circumstances of the weekend, it was only an 18-car field. Next weekend, 27 (IIRC) in Kansas.

Still, it is unfair to apply even a mental asterisk to this. Anyone who has watched the sport knows that fuel mileage wins are a part of it. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of the sport is that the best car does not always win. Whatever the circumstances, they all count as wins. So, while DanicaMania grew tiresome (ugh, we'll be treated to a bunch of it come May), and I think she's basically a competent mid-packer, she won a race. For that, I congratulate her.

*Yeah, I'm sure they would have re-aired it if Dixon had won. /snark ESPN kept hawking this like this was teh. greatest. thing. evar. Even a mention on the Sports Reporters. So much for my theory that the ICS would slow down its Danica marketing. Nice call, huh?

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