Friday, April 25, 2008

Generation O

Yes, yet another link from Sullivan. Good points, and yes, we need to realize this was never going to be easy.

I'd add more. Look, part of the problem, politically, that our generation has with the older gens. is being told what we must accept. You want a slightly better politics? Tough luck, we're told, it won't get better, so stop trying. Just work with it.

That's what's called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hey, were not dumb. We can't change everything, but if you think this Rovian style of politics (at the current levels, anyhow) is acceptable...

Of course, that's what HRC is counting on, that "change" is either impossible or suspicious. It plays on the Boomer skepticism, born out of the turmoil of JFK and '68. My generation is unburdened by these things. We're just asking to be given a chance.

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