Friday, April 3, 2009

So it begins

The IndyCar season, that is, at St. Petersburg, FL. With 22 cars.

This is down, of course, from last year's non-Indy 500 range of 25-28. Furthermore, names like Buddy Rice, PT, Bruno Junquiera, and Oriol Servia are MIA.

Still, given the recession, 22 cars (23 at Long Beach) is NOT awful. So, the predictions:

Series champ: My heart says young Rahal. N/H/L is more familiar with the cars, and he is too. But he's still 20. Instead, I'm picking... Ryan Briscoe. Post-Indy, Ryan found his groove in IndyCar. Expect that to continue.

Indy: We'll know more in 5 weeks, but my hunch? Briscoe again.

Most out-of-their-depth: Stanton Barrett. Just watch him.

Enjoy the season!