Monday, May 2, 2011

An end

And so, HE IS DEAD. Killed not as a guerilla fighter, or by "natural causes," but in a mansion by US Navy SEALS Team Six. The jihadi dead-enders (of which, there are decreasing #'s- bin Laden had discredited himself in the Muslim world) may call him a "martyr," but this is the poshest martyrdom ever seen.

Is this "The End?" No, but so what? It is AN end. The Osama bin Laden era is over, and it will be missed by virtually no one (including-esp.?-the Muslim world) His demise is both a symbolic and tangible triumph. Oh yes, there will be those who will fill bin Laden's shoes, and so the assymetric battle goes on.

But as the Founder and "thinker" of Al Qaeda, his death IS meaningful. A man responsible for thousands of deaths all over the world has received what was due. Congrats and THANK YOU to the SEALS, our intel services, Pres. Obama and all those who made it happen.

Finally, THIS seems appropriate, perhaps for the final time.