Friday, May 8, 2009

Pole Day Predictions

Pole Day at Indy is tomorrow. First, today's speeds. Yep, the "red cars." Shocking!

Tomorrow's supposed to be verrrrrry windy at IMS, so I expect pole speed just at 225, no more.

Front row:
Dixon, Helio, Briscoe.

Does Graham make it in on Day 1? Likely. PT? 25% chance.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Requiem 2013?

Perhaps, if one buys this IBJ article. Curt Cavin calls it a "non-story." Maybe, but I'm not so sure. If the goal is profitability by '13, then uh-oh! 70% seems... optimistic to me.

The IBJ quotes others basically saying the 500 won't go anywhere. Really? This is not the 500 of 15 yrs. ago. If it was, well, this conversation would be moot, and I would agree that it will always be here.

Really, though, the Kentucky Derby (another cluster of a sport) still has more resonance than the Indianapolis 500. Others will disagree, but did you see the fallout from Mine That Bird's upset win? It was still water-cooler talk Monday, two days after the race. You think that would happen with the 500? Really? Not today, folks, not today.

In short, if the Indianapolis 500 (and all of IndyCar racing) died tomorrow, would it be missed in anything other than a passing ("Hey, remember the Indy 500? Yeah, shame what happened to it. Hey, how's Jr. doin'?") sense? I think the sporting world would mourn it's demise for all of... a day, then completely move on. The same applies to the entire sport.

The sport's biggest personality is nationally discussed... in the context of her jumping to NASCAR (awful idea, BTW). Nice, huh? But I'm hard-pressed, in this case, to pummel the MSM for reporting the angles that people are interested in.

This sport is no longer relevant, pure-and-simple.

I used to have some hope for a unified sport. I fear it all came too late. The world passed it by. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see it coming back.

Please remember this on (or around) May 25th, when I, inevitably, get enthused post-Indy. In the end, it's likely all for naught.