Thursday, September 18, 2008

What they said

Obama's Spanish-language ad... SUCKS and is "shitty." McCain may be many things*, but anti-Hispanic he ain't. Has he muddled his position? You bet. That SHOULD be pointed out.

But this is dumb and false, though, I suspect, not a huge buy.

*In unrelated news, McCain adds Spain to "Axis of Evil."

UPDATE (8:15 pm): See, THIS ad (based much more on facts) is more like it:

I go back-and-forth on it, though right now, I'm more inclined towards Obama's view, but it IS a legit ad.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad Obama, Good (very good) Obama

First, the bad. From Dave Weigel:

David Freddoso is the author of the lone decent anti-Obama book, The Case Against Barack Obama. (It's the Myth of a Maverick of anti-Barackology!) It was researched on the scene in Chicago. It doesn't traffic in birth certificate-style kookery.

So, naturally, the Obama campaign is siccing the bloodhounds on Freddoso.

A bit hyperbolic (along with the "brownshirt" meme on the right)? Yeah, but the fact is this is not necessary and beneath the Obama campaign. Freddoso is conservative, but not a TOTAL hack. I'm all for vigorously challenge his ideas, almost none of which I agree with, but he has a right to be heard and WGN has a right to air his ideas. Any implied threat is wrong.*

Oh, but the Good, the Good is excellent and very risky (ballsy). We all know the markets are, umm, having issues right now. Economic distress/anxiety is THE issue right now. So, in a surreal two-three weeks of Palinmania, e-mails** and bacon (well, where it comes from ;)), what does Obama do?

Pay for a TWO-MINUTE ad on the issue:

A two-minute ad on policy? Refreshing, no? Might it bore people? Perhaps, but this is what we need the campaign to be. In other words, file this under "One man is serious, the other is not."

*It should be noted that the Obama "Call to Action" included this: "Be honest, be civil." Not exactly brownshirt.

** I'm referring to the following, which I initially thought was OK, but is just dumb:

BTW: Sullivan on Freddoso.