Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jack Arute, Please Go Away

Jack Arute's latest is embarrassing. For one, what young Mr. Rahal said is in no way offensive. I got a hunch even Danica would agree with it, in part. It did NOT diminish the accomplishment one bit.

As for Arute's assertion that Rahal won St. Pete in similar fashion, teh stupid, it burns. For one, Graham pulled away from a fueled up Helio (with newer tires) and was very quick all day long. Only a brainfart by Will Power sent him to the back. Danica had decent speed in Motegi, but not to Rahal's degree.

He's correct about Helio, but really, dude, let it go. Anyone with a brain knows that Helio was being a whiny idiot, so why dwell on it?

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