Thursday, April 24, 2008

PCM in; one last %^*(% you to Forsythe

Pacific Coast Motorsports announced on Wednesday that, starting with Indianapolis, they will be joining the IndyCar Series full-time with driver Mario Dominguez. PCM, recall, is a team coming over from Champ Car. They're a small team with limited funds, relying, yes, on money from Dominguez. They finished 3rd in Long Beach.

Which brings me to crazy old man Gerry Forsythe. In February, Forsythe announced that his team would NOT be joining ICS, with, IMHO, a disingenuous press release. Let's see, PCM can make a go of it, but Gerald just can't pull it off? Right, I'm sure his sponsorship search was really exhaustive.

Thanks to Gerra's stubbornness, PT has no ride in ICS, which would be fine if the old man wasn't, according to TeeVee and interweb reports exploring the idea of running... ALMS. 'Cuz we all know how inexpensive ALMS is :rolleyes:.

Just admit it, Ger. You're doing this to stuff it to Tony George. We'll ignore the fact that you and your boy Paulie Poledance (Gentilozzi) aren't fit to run a lemonade stand, let alone a major OW series. You can, rightly, blame the larger mess of the sport on TG. What you CAN'T do is blame him for Champ Car's failure from '04-'08. That's on you, Poledance, and Kalkhoven.

So, kudos to PCM and good luck to them. One final F&%@ You to Forsythe.

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