Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Called it

Clinton wins by 9.5-10%. At best, she'll gain 12-15 delegates. Not exactly impressive, but, as Sully notes, this was the worst possible result for the party. She has enough justification to stay, with virtually NO CHANCE of winning. Thus, the only thing accomplished is to kneecap the nominee for November. Well done, Billary.

Unless, of course, the Clintons start making a racial electability argument, like SOME in the GOP will do. But, the Clintons would NEVER do that, right?.

The argument will, essentially, boil down to this: A black man, who sorta sounds Muslim, has the Wright thing, etc. can't win enough white working-class voters in key states, like OH & PA, to win in Nov. It isn't outright racist, but it sure uses racism to justify why Hillary is our savior. In short, white folks are more important.

Many conservatives, like my Limbaugh-listening uncle ;), have long argued that the Democratic Party is a "plantation" that uses black voters w/o doing anything for them. If the superdelegates fall for the Clinton argument, they'll be right.

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