Monday, May 5, 2008

Month of May preview

So, here we are. The Month of May at Indy is already underway. To preview it, how 'bout a Q&A?

Q: So, what's it like to have a unified field?
A: You know, not bad. For those of us following it, the "new" teams add many more stories to follow. How will Will Power, Wilson, Rahal, etc. progress?

Q: Cool, so Indy's "back?"
A: Err, no. Is it better? Yes, but NASCAR dominates everything. Kyle Busch tapping Dale Jr. will dominate headlines for weeks. In reality, few people care about the 500 anymore. Only time, wisdom, and luck will fix that.

Q: Dude, real downer there.
A: Damn the truth!

Q: On to on-track stuff, who ya got? Favorites?
A: This is a no-win situation. Two months ago, I thought Scott Dixon. Now, he's been quickest all yr. long, but a black cat must be all over the guy b/c his luck is terrible.

Q: No chance then, right?
A: Ahh, but luck is a fickle thing. It could smile on him in an instant. And we know he should have decent speed.

Q: You're stalling!
A: Right you are. Answers coming... tomorrow!

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