Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hillary Goes Back to Her Roots

Her Goldwater Girl* roots, that is. Look, the Clintons have no shame. Their oligarchy/dynasty is on the line, and ruling families don't abdicate unless they are forced to.

If that means she must go from Wellesley grad to Annie Oakley in one campaign, so be it. The Clintons, contrary to what was once the narrative, were never all about "radical leftism." No, they have one "ideology" only: Clintonism, whatever it takes for their own betterment. That, ultimately, is why their legacy will be one of irrelevance.

*This is very unfair... to Barry Goldwater. It was actually Nixon who exploited the "Southern Strategy." Yes, Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act, but he did so for very Federalist reasons. Nixon exploited race. It's just that Hillary started as a Goldwaterite.

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