Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gee, Never Saw That Coming!

Err, well, Pole Day actually went as predicted.

Congrats to TCGR & Scott Dixon for the pole run. Obviously, they were already favored by some (ahem), and this won't change that. Other thoughts:

Biggest surprise- Pole speed was only 226.3. Perhaps a nicer week, with less wind today would have made a difference, but as it is, I still thought a 227. Didn't happen.'

Second surprise: Given their recent performance, I'd say the run for Vitor Meira and Panther Racing was a pleasant surprise.

Dumbest gamble: Why in the world did Luczo Dragon run Scheckter again? Rahal's chances were slim to overtake him, but he ran again anyhow... losing speed. Yes, he still got in, but...

Biggest unforced error: Newman/Haas/Lanigan (NHL) might be new to the ICS, but they are an ELITE team in all of American open-wheel racing. Forgetting, in the mad dash created by Luczo Dragon's stupidity, to put new tires on Graham's car to give him one more shot was not their finest moment. Not that it would likely have mattered b/c, while I admired the kid's confidence, I doubt that car had 223.4 for 4 laps in it. But he wasn't too far off, either.

As expected the CC teams were shutout, with Rahal getting oh so close to pulling off the miracle. They're just too far behind in horsepower (a good 4-5 mph top end). Worse yet, tomorrow looks HORRIBLE weather wise, so they won't even get in until next weekend likely.

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