Saturday, May 30, 2009

Indy Wrap IV: Final Wrap and Remainders

Yes, this is late, given that Milwaukee is well underway (Briscoe, Rahal front row). Better late than never.

First, I endorse most of what Miller wrote before TG-Gate, esp. on the foolishness that is Brian Barnhart. Things will never greatly improve with him in charge. That said, I don't think the race was QUITE as awful as he thought.

Vitor Meira's horrific wreck leads to teh best pairing ever.

Tomas Scheckter lives for one more race.

Ultimately, the 500 and it's soap opera aftermath was disappointing. The ratings were HORRIBLE. The race itself was no "game-changer." And now, the fate of the sport is uncertain, according to RM's response.

To some extent, this moment was inevitable. Unification was merely the 1st step. But now, we arrive (or we will) at the "sink or swim" moment. There will be an Indy 500. Will there be an IndyCar? That is what the next few years will settle.

The field at Milwaukee (post-Stanton Barrett wreck) is not encouraging.

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