Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indy Wrap II: WHY ABC Sucks

Versus might get a tiny audience, but we were reminded on Sunday why ABC sucks.

The (only) Good:

A decent intro honoring the 100th anniversary of IMS. Vanilla, in my view, but not bad.

Pre-race was acceptable.

Jamie Little and Vince Welch

The Bad:

Everything else. Goodyear and Cheever? Horrible and BORING. Marty Reid? Utter tool. Arute? Go away. NOW!!!

The race wasn't great certainly, but ABC made it worse by obsessing ONLY on the lead, Danica, and a touch of PT. In so doing, they missed action in the pack.

And that's the problem: ABC tries to make the racing fit their pre-conceived coverage, not the other way around. So, Townsend Bell runs in the top 10 most of the day, finishing 4th, after starting 24th. How did he get there? We don't care and none of your business anyway!

ABC has tried to manufacture stories in this sport for yrs. As a result, they will always miss the REAL stories.

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