Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, it must seem that I really dislike Sarah Palin. While I like her less and less with the passage of time, and am disturbed by the "Us vs. Them" culture wars she now represents, there STILL remains something about her to admire: Trig.

As a pro-life Democrat, who also has a serious genetic disorder, her actions here and her words about her son (Paraphrasing: "He just has one extra chromosone. But what is normal anyway?") are incredibly moving and loving to me. As a human being, I have no argument with her. Which is why THIS comment (though steeped in some truth) bothers me.

On politics, I hate what she represents: a cultural resentment that seeks to divide, while helping no one. Been there, done that.

Which brings me to "Acceptance." No, I'm not particularly thrilled with what (likely) will happen, but at some point, a)reality must set in and b) you need to live a life outside of politics. Accept what is so.

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