Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acceptance (And Bill O'Reilly's a Moron)

So, the polls look bad:

The Palin effect is not about Hillary...it is about cultural conservatism. Palin connected with many Republicans and swing voters on cultural issues. This reinforces something we have been saying for months: presidential elections are about people and "trust," not about issues. Yes, policy positions matter but personae (voter perceptions of the candidates' values) trumps issues every time.

If you wonder why GW Bush got elected TWICE, there's your answer. If historians, say, 3-400 yrs. from today, wonder "What the h=ll happened to that United States?", there's your answer folks. Vague cultural persona means more than... issues.

Onr of the most disturbing rationalizations/explanations for "SarahMania" is the "She's one of us!" argument. What? We're talking about, potentially (eventually?) the most powerful, prestigious, and, dare I say it, elite position in the world, and we WANT "Average Joes" or "Hockey Moms!" in that office b/c they seem like us?

Apparently. So be it. This is America, circa 2008.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly blames wage deflation on... illegal immigrants:


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