Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Palin

The more one thinks about it, the more astonishing it becomes. No, actually, CYNICAL is the true word that comes to mind.

If you think McCain did this out of principle, well, I have property in the Everglades to sell you. Prior to last week, he'd met her... ONCE!

Look, despite some creationist tendencies and anti-climate change views (not to mention I'm a liberal, she's a conservative), I'm not dis-inclined toward her as a person, like I was Romney. In fact, if the Obama-Biden ticket wins and Dems. overreach (inevitable), I could, if only out of protest or as a corrective, see myself considering voting for her... in 8 yrs.

Which is why Gov. Palin should also be concerned. In time, she could become an important conservative voice and a national force to be reckoned with. Right now, she is a TOKEN, greatly diminishing her current and future stature.

But it MIGHT WORK, folks! Early polling suggests the effect it will have on women is not all that significant. Men seem to like it though. Being an NRA member, hunter, former high school athlete helps here. In time, her personal story COULD resonate with more women. And if she doesn't make a huge mistake (BIG "If"), well it could work. And if it does...

If it does, the Democratic Party won't see power for an entire generation. If McCain serves 2 terms, and does reasonably well, Sarah Palin will be 52. But she'll also have 8 yrs. as VP, eliminating "readiness" worries, the perfect combination of youth (52 is still young) and experience. Think the Dems. could defeat that? Me either.

So this is it. Obama really needs to win this. Otherwise...

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