Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So many thoughts

One day after the inevitable happened, there still is a lot to chew on. One, OK, I DID watch Obama last night, and echo Sullivan's thoughts. Win or lose come November, I know I made the right decision, oh, 18 months ago to support Sen. Obama.

Clinton refusing to concede isn't just typical. Its also remarkably comical. The jig is up, Senator. Time to admit that.

Finally, one of the more astonishing aspects of Obama's speech was the lack of reference to the historical nature of what this means. Obama just doesn't think along those lines. But, others have (and should). 150 years ago, Americans with Obama's skin color would have been held in bondage. Fifty years ago, Jim Crow ruled the South.

Now, history has been made, and the future awaits.

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