Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why Milwaukee is NOT Indianapolis (and why it could prove more important)

Clearly, we're not in Indy anymore. I'll try to post full T&S reports later, but suffice to say, the slower speeds and relative lack of importance of aerodynamics at Milwaukee will make this a more compettitive, more compelling race. Rahal & Power topping the charts shows this.

If so, it could be more important for the sport than Indy. IndyCar needs a full, compettitive field. It needs new stars to emerge finally and take up the mantle for this sport. Rahal running up front can only be good for the sport. Throw in Marco, Aussie Will Power, and even Ryan Hunter-Reay, and you begin to see battle lines bring drawn for an entire generation. The sport needs this badly.

Update: First Practice results (PDF).

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