Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Old is New Again

Many, particularly on the Right, wonder about the origins of the progressive blogosphere.

First, a little story:

Imagine one political philosophy dominating the political landscape for 30+ yrs., so much so that members (Young Turks, perhaps) of the opposition party feel that their party has just become a watered-down version of the dominant party. Further imagine that these insurgent Young Turks set about on a long-term plan to reorient the political zeitgeist. They start organizing via the grassroots, think tanks and other methods.

By the end of the 30+ yrs., the once-dominant philosophy decays and self-destructs, ushering in an era dominated by these Young Turks, completely reorienting the politics of the nation.

1968 or 2008? Kos says both. In a sense, he's right on. Today's American Left is using the 21st Century version of Goldwater '64. As liberalism in '64 was beginning it's death march, modern conservatism, ascendant since '68, is in the same process today.

Just one thought: Given the direction the Right ended up going in (esp. by the '90's), do we really want to replicate that in totality?

Read this New Yorker article on the rise and current fall of the conservative movement. Righties blame everyone/everything but themselves, when the truth is, they've run out of intellectual steam.

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