Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend wrap

Frankly, The IndyCar race in Kansas went about as expected. Ganassi domination, little drama for the lead, and, until the last 40 or so laps, a pretty strung out field. Not tertibly compelling, but hey, that's racing.

I did want to comment on THIS. I saw the interview too, and shook my head in disgust. I can live with hating on Scheckter, but the Viso quip was unnecessary. "I don't know him?" Classy. You've raced with him THREE times now, he showed early speed, and you don't know him? Get off the throne, Princess.

Yes, Viso made mistakes, but they were mistakes of aggression, not competence (speaking of, Wanker of the Decade to Marty Roth). The speed he showed yesterday was impressive. For now, I'll live with rookie missteps.

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