Monday, April 28, 2008

Sullivan self-corrects

One of the great things about blogging is the ability to have a running conversation with the cyberworld and most of all, yourself.

Those who have read him know that Andrew Sullivan personifies this characteristic to the utmost. Honest bloggers (like Sully) are thus able to reevaluate, learn from others, and admit errors in thinking. It is an element than can be used out of context or outright distorted, but it is an essential feature.

Today, Andrew reassesses Jeremiah Wright. Indeed, had he just made his speeches, that would have been fine. But he didn't. Clearly, I don't think he was always this ugly. Sen. Obama would not have embraced him if he were.

Perhaps old age and bitterness brought this ugliness, but it is clearly there, along with the outrageous ego. As Andrew, and a reader, point out, any admirable sense of loyalty Obama had toward the man has been washed away by Wright. Hopefully, the Senator takes advantage.

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