Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts and Predictions

So, it's, oh, 41 hrs. until the green flag flies for the 93rd Indianapolis 500. Let's answer some questions:

Who has any chance of winning? Helio, Briscoe, Franchitti, Dixon, Power, Kanaan, Ma. Andretti, Moraes (!), Wheldon (based on Carb Day), Rahal, and, maybe, PT. Based on speed, I'll throw Townsend Bell in as a super darkhorse.

Wh.. Where's Danica? I dunno, probably in Indy getting ready for Sunday. Ohhhh, you meant on my list. Look, rain at the right time could throw this thing wide open, so I shouldn't 100% keep her off my list. Assuming weather isn't THE factor, she's shown NO race speed, and really, all of AGR looks lost.

What kind of race will we see? See, the spec nature (Dallara-Honda) of the series means parity. Good in theory, but it's tough to pass people. Also, the Dallara's aerodynamics suck, making it difficult to stay close to anyone.

Who wins? The man/woman who finishes 500 miles the quickest. Oh fine, I'll go with, after changing my mind this week, Helio Castroneves for the 3rd time.

Outside of the winner, driver to watch? Definitely Moraes. The kid is incredibly fast and very much "on the edge." His high line could be genius, or suicide.

Better ratings: Indy 500 or Coca-Snooza 600? Sadly, the 600. And it won't be close.

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