Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Weekend Wrap

I'm just as stunned as you that Penske's on the pole. Scroll down for full results.

Saturday's conditions were brutal. Cool and, most of all, windy, thus keeping speeds down. Even the best, like Dario were on the edge.

It's amazing what the Speedway can do mentally to a team. On Thursday, AGR seemed compettitive, though tow-enhanced. By Saturday, they seemed totally lost. Kanaan using a cobbled-together Mutoh backup was stunning. Kanaan should be a factor on the 24th, but maybe not on raw speed.

Revelations of the weekend? Well, Justin Wilson and Coyne impressed me with their speed. Mid-pack is really good for them. Rafa Matos was great on Sunday, earning the 12th spot. But KV's drivers are a huge surprise. We knew PT would be quick, but what impact would his limited budget have? Small. He starts 13th and seems confident.

But teammate Mario Moraes starting 7th?! Never would have predicted that. But if he runs the same line on the 24th, he'll kill someone.

Moment of the weekend? What else:

More on Graham... later ;).

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