Tuesday, April 28, 2009


From ESPN, on the 'Dega wreck:

Johnson's right, and the other TWO "big ones" prove it. Bring the banking down to, oh, 20-24 degrees, and make it a true test of man and machine.

John Darby's response?

"The most exciting races that we have today are both at Daytona and Talladega," Sprint Cup Series director John Darby said, according to The Associated Press. "I think there's more value in continuing the [safety] efforts ... than turning those two very historical, very exciting racetracks into flat parking lots."

Hey John, how should I say this? I dunno, how about "Fuck You!"?

"Flat parking lots?" Hey asshole, no one's suggesting anything like that. We don't want a new Pocono (not that there's anything bad about that). But hey, you tool (and the NASCAR braintrust), what could possibly go wrong w/ this insanity? Yeah, nothing big.

Sadly, too many seem to enjoy this manufactured game of Russian Roulette (just look at the comments on YouTube), so NASCAR idiots like Darby will do nothing useful and keep babbling about "excitement." They ignore the fact that 90% of the drivers loathe plate racing (Junior, who'd be nothing w/o them, excepted) b/c it's "exciting. Well, when multiple spectators are killed b/c of this madness someday, thus potentially crippling the sport, you'll need to look in the mirror for blame.

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