Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American-Canadian Analogies

OK, I'll admit to my fetish: Canadian politics. Westminster/parliamentary systems utterly fascinate me and, frankly, I'm amazed how little attention we pay to our friends up north.

Anyway, some similarities struck me between Tory PM Stephen Harper and our previous GOP administration. For years, both were seen as political pitbulls who were savvy tacticians. Governing for both, however, proved tricky, mostly because neither was truly interested in doing so. Gaining/retaining power? Now THAT motivated them.

And it worked... for awhile. For George W. Bush, the reckoning came in the floods of New Orleans and bombs of Iraq. Now, well the GOP is what it is.

History might show Nov. 26, 2008 as the beginning of the end for Harper. This Maclean's piece is really well-written and a great chronicling of events. He threw aside governance for pol. gain.

Funny thing though. Harper's standing today? Been better.

Governing matters. The North American right must learn this. Now.

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