Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Notes/Thoughts

First off, ICS silly-season. We can now, finally, confirm Robert Doornbos for N/H/L. Many of us had begun to question whether this was real or not, given multiple delays in the announcement. Thankfully, it is real. Interestingly, as I'll elaborate on shortly, Milka Duno might NOT be in at N/H/L. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

More info/specualtion is courtesy of a post at TrackForum. That's the 2nd place where I've read the Duno rumor. As for the rest, look, I'm sure some of it is optimism on Cavin's part. I hope RHR really does end up at HVM and that Rubicon ends up running, but really, I'm not counting on stuff like that. The Rahal stuff reads like wishful thinking, no? Oh, and DRR a 3-car team? Uh, no. But I really hope PT somehow, someway gets that KV ride.

I watched in a combination of bemusement and horror this Rick Santelli rant. Bemusement b/c as a trader, this is not exactly Main Street USA. Horror b/c I fear too many folks will buy into it.

I must say I find the grassroots conservative opposition/protest, noted HERE, interesting. On the one hand, it IS very American. Folks peacefully expressing their political views is healthy. On the other hand, it's one month in, and we're seeing protests?

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