Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More "Silly" Thoughts

Following yesterday's post, some additional thoughts:

Paul Tracy to KV Racing? It might happen. To which I say F#%*ing Awesome. If Bourdais AND PT are in, that's 2 villains (not counting Danica) in the series. And PT in a good car can still be fun as hell.

But there are some unfortunate downsides to the recent news. If Tracy gets that ride, then that leaves Oriol Servia, Justin Wilson, and Ryan Hunter-Reay all without rides. That is downright criminal.

Servia was the most consistent of the drivers that came over from Champ Car, Wilson WON a race (Belle Isle) and RHR was great all year (one win-The Glen- and ROY at Indy). But in the economy of IndyCar racing, none of them might have an ICS ride (ALMS and Grand-Am may benefit, though).

So where does that leave us? Well, if even 2 out of those 3 get rides, combined with everything else (Reminder: Some of this is bound to be vaporware), this will all end up being a considerable net gain. If not, it might just be a push, at best.

UPDATE: Also remember that McNulty's reliability can be spotty.

UPDATE2: Read THIS RM piece on Power's actual status at Penske. My guess? He runs the full year.

But it does remind me that simply losing Helio (though he annoys me) will really hurt.

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