Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memo to IRL/ICS loyalists

THIS (Helio maybe going to NASCAR) is no reason to freakout over Helio and big, bad NASCAR. Look, you're bitching about ESPN (The broadcast "partner") having the audacity to dare mention this during the week of the 500, but it is NOT their responsibility to hide news you don't like.

Fact: NASCAR has become THE form of motorsport in America.

Fact: The 12-year Open-wheel split had a good deal to do with this.

Fact: Though it will HOPEFULLY be the first step in the recovery, unification is no instant panacea.

Opinion: Blame no one but the powers that be for leading the sport to this point. Blaming ANYONE/ANYTHING ELSE is foolish. Just b/c you think the 500 beats anything else doesn't make it so.

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