Sunday, April 13, 2008

More from April 6

Of course, the consequential event from that day will likely be Barack Obama's "bitter" comments to a bunch of fundraisers in San Fran. Full context makes the whole thing less harmful than it really is (the notion that Obama thinks gunowners and those of faith are bad, backwards folks is silly to me), but perception becomes reality in the "art" of politics.

And, you know what, when I saw the comment, I cringed a bit, simply b/c it reminded me of something DNC Chairman Howard Dean would have said in '03. Obama is no Dean. For one thing, he's smarter (by a mile) and intellectually deeper than Dean. Further, while Dean tried (tries?) to fire up the base of the party, Obama tries to do much more than this, but his subtlety hurts him in an era of soundbytes.

Still, many "small-town" Americans will feel like he has insulted their values (and I can't totally blame them), much like they likely view Howard Dean. I'm not sure how you overcome this. I hope he still gets the nomination, and I'll vigorously support him in Nov. My gut tells me that my support won't be nearly enough.

Ya gotta hand it to the GOP. They have no business winning this yr. But I'm betting Sen. McCain does just that, and brings a few more congressional Republicans with him. Such is life.

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